ReThought is an attempt at a person’s quest to learn everything there is in the world. ReThought works as a platform where I can try to explain the topics/ideas I have been learning about to a larger audience. I do this to reinforce my learning and identify what zones I need to revisit to get a fuller understanding of the idea and fill gaps in my knowledge. I am usually going to write about science (mostly physics and mathematics), economics, global issues, philosophy (sometimes) and personal development. ‘Personal development’ might be different from the other topics listed above in terms of its functionality and range of audience. However, I wish to write about personal development as a means of achieving my goal, as a mechanism that will propel me towards it. 

ReThought isn’t just a blog, at least, it isn't meant to be. ReThought is aimed at creating a community for individuals who adore learning. It wishes to bring together people to take on challenges together which pertains to learning. It learning trying to learn a language together, or trying to learn how to code using TensorFlow (you get the idea). The reason why I call those challenges is that I try to either complete them in record time or try to get out of my comfort zone to pursue the learning experience. At the same time, the end goal of this learning isn’t personal satisfaction or intellectual bragging rights. ReThought’s end goal is to become a Think Tank/Consultancy Group that conducts research on global issues, advocates solutions to these issues and then tries to implement these into the real world. That is the goal of all the learning challenges. Learn, identify issues, figure out the solutions and then try to implement them in the world. ReThought has other secondary goals, which all stem from its main goal of bringing a tangible change in the world, will be discussed eventually. 

At the core of ReThought is reliance on rationality, the ability to form an opinion without prejudice or biases. This places it in a position to assess situations without the emotional responses that often cloud sound judgment.

Welcome and hope you enjoy the ride.

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