Why Donate?

ReThought is an attempt by me to create a corporation that integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the realm of material science to tackle problems of today and provide better solutions for tomorrow. Using AI, we plan on creating new/better materials (or at least, develop theoretical models for the creation of said materials) for clean energy, affordable healthcare (and food security) and the future of transportation. Our idea behind using AI is to avoid long delays in the development of new, better and more efficient materials (which sometimes take up to 4-5 years). We plan on expediting the process and developing smarter solutions today. We plan on bringing the future closer.

With the money that is donated to ReThought, we also plan on establishing schools around the world where innovation is treasured. These schools/innovation centers will be used to foster innovative young minds and create projects that help their community. Our philosophy is to encourage innovators to come up with some form of indigenous solutions to their problems using technology and a better understanding of civic policies. Our goal is to provide the innovators with the knowledge of newer technologies, opportunities to use them and integrate technology into solutions for localized issues. This will help me create a community of problem solvers that have a great knowledge of issues (and finding out solutions to those) and can integrate them into finding solutions for similar problems in other parts of the world.

Patreon link: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=21538297